EP #9 - CHASING YOUR DREAMS : Adventure, exploration & a sustainable life in the great outdoors (Jon Muir)

September 1, 2020

Jon Muir is one of the world’s greatest mountaineers and explorers.

He was the first Australian to reach the summit of Mt Everest alone, and has walked to both the North and South poles.

Perhaps Jon's greatest achievement was walking alone across Australia, covering 2,500kms in 128 days, traveling through the driest of Australian deserts with only his dog Seraphine for company - totally reliant on the landscape around him for his food, shelter and ultimate survival. Jon also filmed this journey - released as a documentary titled “Alone Across Australia”.

Jon was awarded the Order of Australia medal in 1989 for his services to mountaineering, and is the recipient of two Australian Geographic Awards, including the "Lifetime of Adventure" award in 2017.

Today, Jon lives totally off-grid on a sustainable property with his wife Suzy, who also is quite the adventurer – and together they are featured in a documentary called “Suzy and the Simple Man”.

This is a truly fascinating chat with a unique human being, and we discuss so many issues including chasing your dreams and the mental toughness required a lifetime of adventure and exploration, and how to live a sustainable life in the great outdoors.

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