EP #12 - Jet Stream Superman: Embracing your fears for a fulfilled life. (Marc Hauser)

October 13, 2020

Marc Hauser is a Swiss skydiver, adventurer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

He holds the world record for the fastest horizontal free fall, traveling at 304km/hr without wings, and without a tail wind. And he is the first person to sky dive into the jet stream – a high-altitude, fast-flowing air current in the atmosphere, which is believed to contain 20 times the energy needed for all of humanity, documented in the film "Chasing the Jet Stream".

This discussion goes deep on many issues, including facing and embracing fear and risk, strength vs bravery, using pressure to excel in your life and discover your best self, the thrill of flying, physical and mental training and preparation for extreme activities, using high altitude winds as alternate energy sources, trusting technology, artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, Covid-19 and fear, and how to live a fulfilled life. 


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