EP #7 - Defending the rights of the world’s most vulnerable (Felicity Gerry QC - Australian Barrister of the year 2020)

August 24, 2020

Originally from the Uk and now based in Australia, Felicity Gerry is a barrister and QC who specialises in representing the world's most vulnerable people, and was recently awarded "Barrister of the Year" at the Australian Law Awards 2020.

Felicity mainly works in the fields of human trafficking, modern slavery, sex trafficking, torture, terrorism, war crimes and female genital mutilation, with a specific interest in issues related to women.

Felicity is also an educator, public speaker, teacher, university lecturer and mentor and is a powerful advocate for the rights of prisoners and other vulnerable people, especially during this Covid-19 period.

I'm incredibly lucky to have been able to have a conversation with such a global "heavy hitter", and I hope you get something out of the discussion.


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