EP #3 - Meditation & mindfulness to improve mental health, wellbeing and happiness (Ray Good)

July 21, 2020

Listed as one of the world's Top 100 DJs in the 1990's, RAY GOOD discovered meditation as a way to improve his own mental health, wellbeing and happiness. Today he is a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and coach, teaching these techniques to help the lives of others.

In this episode, Ray discusses many ways that mindfulness and meditation can be used to improve wellbeing and mental health, and lead to greater happiness in our lives. 

He also talks about the concept of "micro-meditations" - short meditations from 30 seconds up to only a few minutes, that can have immediate results, and give us essential "mental breaks" throughout the day. Ray then guides me through one of these meditations .... with surprising results!

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